Joey Bada$$ & Chuck Strangers – 80 Blocks

Joey, he’d go out there and talk to ’em and they’ll listen, suddenly Joe will go crazy, you know?"
Pro Era apostle (preach), nigga droppin’ gospels
Know it’s all about knowin’ your worth
I’m up early mornin’, breakin’ fast through the thresholds (uh-huh)
We securin’ bags, you niggas insecure and mad[?]
Put me on, don’t put me down, my g

And that’s ugly truth, I’m speakin’ from my troubled youth
I’m blessed to see a brighter day (blessed)
I’m Chuck, Strangers
But after him know that the Era is first (know that)

Keep the heat, the stash, if you got [?]
In the streets, we livin’ in, niggas invidious, serious
One hundred thirty on the dash, that’s if my nigga Lex drove
Know I have the right of way
Chucky be a reverend, Psalm 47
Chalk it up to human nature, ’cause it’s just what men do (it’s just what men do)
Hold up
Unlock the swag and nigga let’s go
Keep me away from ruthless
Usually we positive, just tryna stay blessed though
Self-destruct with no fucks, all of to give up
What’s life like now? Shots of the expresso
Thank Christ for savin’ my life today
Gettin’ star bucks been the basic manifesto
They tell I’ma wear myself out, but that’s the dress code (swag)
I’d rather to be safe, never know what to expect yo
‘Uhh Joey, look these guys are doin’ somethin’ they have no reason to be doin’, I mean, what’s goin’ on here?’
Now every day I wake up, with more bullshit as I arrive to the pulpit
[Verse 1: Joey Bada$$]
First me and Robi break up
We all out here just tryna be
"I mean the reason they call him ‘Crazy Joe’ he goes off once in a while. Uhh, but he’s the type of guy you can go to and talk to, you know?
Fine lines between egos and insecurities
You not necessarily a man if you do
You can teach a man a lesson, but don’t make him feel stupid
"We’re still surviving, you know we took our bruises and we came out. We survived, we here, we got this, which I think is out of sight"
You ain’t less of a man if you don’t squeeze (if you don’t squeeze, don’t squeeze)
Been through the struggle, made it out, I’m the livin’ proof
And when nobody knows, word don’t get out and you don’t get busted." But, like if I do them, like in the past, I don’t go around bragging ‘I done this, I done that,’ to myself so nobody knows about it. I really don’t want to do them again. "And like I see a whole new future opening up for me and like I really don’t want to do all the things I’ve done over the years before.

[Verse 2: Chuck Strangers]
To whom I try to give a mental boost when I’m in the booth
I took the pain like I pull it from my wisdom tooth (nigga)
And ’cause of this, inside of me, kept hidden, it’s hideous (uh)

God is the king of all on earth