A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie – Became Legends (feat. Tee Grizzley)

You wasn’t with me in the gym, you wasn’t John Wall
I got some animals around, I can’t supply the zoo
I heard they got a lot of hate, ain’t got no money though (niggas broke)
She wanted me to be alone, but we go deep wherever
If I run into you again, don’t tell me you regret it

Long day, make her [?] for me ’til her jaws ache
Lil K, sent her upstate to make sure them dogs straight
[Verse 6: A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie & Tee Grizzley]
Broad day, that’s how we comin’ out when them dogs play
Me and Tee Grizz on some whole other shit, ayy
She can’t stand me, I ain’t shit, I bet I fuck her though (bitch)
You spent all that money on that chain, what you tuckin’ for?
I saw you lookin’ at your phone, I know you saw me textin’

Tear a nigga crib up and make his momma move
The penitentiary got me sittin’ here like "Fuck the law"
The watch look good plain gold, I’m still gon’ flood it though
Bitches wasn’t textin’
I feel you bro, ’cause me and Sosa was sleepin’ on sofas
Won’t let them trip me off the streets, I was raised better
[Verse 1: Tee Grizzley]
If I run into you again, you gon’ how I’m flexin’
Young nigga in a iced out 3D necklace

[Verse 2: A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie]
But now I’m pullin’ up in shit that niggas can’t afford
Fly her out, after I fuck her I’ma stay far away

I became a legend off a four minute hit
Grew up around swipers, hitmen, and [?]
They try to catch me all alone, but we was deep in Texas
Me and my niggas was good kids, we became felons
I see some haters in the club, send a bottle to ’em
Don’t have me blowin’ up your phone, just tell me "Keep it steppin’"
Me and Tee Grizz, that’s a whole ‘nother hit, ayy
I became a legend, now I need a trophy
Same old things, same fiends in the hallway
(ayy) Play no games, do you really want a problem?
I wish I could see the face on all my exes
Saint Laurent Jeans, Gucci snake up on my collar (ayy)
Wanna book a show?
Niggas from the trenches, they ain’t sayin’ shit like this
I remember gettin’ my first watch, that shit was Michael Kors
You wasn’t shit to me my nigga, now you try and call
Me and Boogie from the trenches, we became legends
They gave like 20 to my nigga for the wrong cause
Now all the bitches that was frontin’, they all on some hoe shit but
[Verse 5: Tee Grizzley]
I could never pay attention to a broke bitch, yeah
Let ’em see the face on a Patek, I used to sleep on pallets
When I was broke, I was neglected

All day, same Balmain jeans all days
Now they tryna pop up pregnant, that’s to be expected
20,000, that’s the going rate

Spit that game to her, tell that bitch, "I think we soulmates"
Iced my whole wrist like I’m gettin’ rid of an arm ache
Wintertime I had that pack up in my long johns
My pinkie cold, it make me stutter, "V-V-V-V-S-S"
But I’m like fuck it though, my nigga I’m gon’ grind hard
[Verse 3: Tee Grizzley]
[Verse 4: A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie]
Half a kilo, ain’t talkin’ drugs, that’s what the [?]