Tonight Alive – Disappear (feat. Lynn Gunn)

On the solid ground
Nameless, talking
It’s more than just dipping your feet in
We can disappear for a while
Weightless, walking
Thought I lost myself, but I didn’t

We could disappear for a while
Blurry vision
Shadows dance above
That I’m slipping

Dive in if you want
The silence calls on us for a moment
Sinking down
No one will notice
But I’ll be jumping off in the deep end
I always found
We were never meant to stay

I was tripping
In the first place
We could disappear for a while

Away from space and time

Wading’s not enough
It’s not running away
Shifting, out of focus
Big dreams and nobody wants them
Faceless, underwater

Looking up on us

Why does it feel like home when I’m lonely?
I don’t really mind