The Ongoing History of New Music, Encore Presentation: Music Questions That Almost No One Seems to Ask

I think you’ll agree with me when I say that these are questions should probably have some answers. New shows go up every Wednesday. And are there answers to these questions? After discussing important stuff like this with some friends, I got to thinking: can we find the same sorts of unasked questions in the world of music? For the podcast version of the show, subscribe to the Ongoing History feed at iTunes. And (3) what do dogs dream about when they twitch in their sleep? If you’re in any of those markets and you want the show, lemme know and I’ll see what I can do. Why doesn’t Tarzan have a beard? (2) Who really killed JFK? But there are plenty of questions we don’t ask that we probably should. WAPS/WKTL The Summit/Arkon, Canton, Cleveland, Youngstown

We’re still looking for more affiliates in Calgary, Kamloops, Kelowna, Regina, Saskatoon, Brandon, Windsor,  Montreal, Charlottetown, Moncton, Fredericton, and St John’s and anywhere else with a transmitter. Turns out we can. You’re welcome.)
Songs heard on this week’s show:
Collective Soul, Why (Part 2)
Nirvana, In Bloom
Sex Pistols, Anarchy in the UK (Denmark Street demo)
Suzanne Vega, Tom’s Diner
Roll the Tanks, Record Players
Front 242, Headhunter
Power Station, Get It On
RHCP, Suck My Kiss (Live)
Nickelback, Rockstar

Official playlistist (and we’re pretending that’s a real word) Eric Wilhite provides this. Sonic 102.9/Edmonton
The Zone/Victoria
The Fox/Vancouver
Live 105/Halifax
NEW! That ability to question things around to learn why things are the way they are pushes us forward. This is stuff we should be curious about. Let’s find out. And how about this: what’s the size of a fart? (Oh, and if you must know, the volume occupied by a fart ranges between the size of a bottle of nail polish and a soft drink can. The Ongoing History of New Music can be heard on the following stations:

102.1 The Edge/Toronto – Sunday night at 7
Live 88-5/Ottawa
107.5 Dave-FM/Kitchener
FM96/London – Sunday night at 7, Monday night at 11
The Drive/Kingston
Power 97/Winnipeg (Sunday nights at 11)
98.1 The Bridge/Lethbridge – Saturday night at 6, Sunday morning at 10am
Rock 97.7/Grand Prairie – Sunday nights at 6. I think one of the greatest gifts humans have is a sense of curiosity. Here are my three favourite questions that I think everyone should ask: (1) Are we alone in the universe? For example:

When a prisoner about to be executed by lethal injection, why does the doctor swab the IV site with alcohol first?
The Ongoing History of New Music, Encore Presentation: Music Questions That Almost No One Seems to Ask