Raekwon – It’s A Shame

Sometimes I just can’t bear to walk away
It’s the secret that we keep
Going out of my mind
Sometimes the night cuts through me like a knife
So maybe it’s alright
If I just spend the night
No point in wasting sorrow

Trying so hard to be of use
[Verse 2]

The emptiness I feel
Just say when and we’ll say goodnight
I know it’s a shame
[Lyrics from: https:/lyrics.az/raekwon/-/its-a-shame.html]
[Verse 1]
Who have I become
To live life this way
Who will I be
Come tomorrow
But what you cannot gain you lose
I know it’s a shame

How there is no holding back
If I ask you to stay
I know it’s a shame
In LA, the sun’s almost too bright

But you and I well we don’t need to speak
Tell me it’s okay

On things that won’t be here tomorrow
Now I have spent so much of my time

And now none of it seems real
Lately I’ve been thinking about the past
Out of view and out of sight
I cannot get it right
Sometimes I want you to stay
Tell me it’s okay