Fabolous & Jadakiss – Theme Music (At VEV) (Live)

Kill shit, still move ki’s through Uber (huh)
The love is for free but they selling hate (ayy)
[Verse 6: Jadakiss & (Swizz Beatz)]
The bars is up, high jumper is back (whoop!)

Smooth it out
Drive by my old school just to make my Dean lose it, hah
Shooting dice, playing spades and they selling plates (4-5’s)

Swish, my jumper is back (oh!)
Got me teaching niggas principles
Shawty named Rosa, jump in the back
House party days, you’d get jumped in the back
[Outro: Swizz Beatz]
That Fab, that Jada, that Swizz

Some back on your deen music

Get a seat at the table, if you lucky, huh
Some back on your deen music
Besides that the system thirsty to lose us, yeah

Now your boy’s invincible
[Intro: Swizz Beatz]
They wanna front ’til you jump in the back
First comes the torture, then they abuse ya (woo!)
Then them killers they’ll fall right through (blaow!)
I’m like Masika and Alexis how I’m chasing the fetti
Look, and everyday is first class

You gon’ make one of the gremlins jump from the back
It’s about to get ugly in these streets
This that theme music
Put the business suit up and put the hood on
This that Freddy and Jason, huh?
You can’t even get a dollar cause I can’t talk sense to you (owww!)
Smooth it out
Some back on your deen music (talk to ’em, Fab)
Bout to make it so y’all can’t even walk the streets, huh
[Verse 1: Fabolous & (Swizz Beatz)]
Goddamn! Right
Even when you hungry never move like you starving
Show and prove over the talking (yeah)
That’s all I do (woo!), please don’t make me call my crew
If you miss something, rewind that

This that theme music
Yeah, I’m in the projects hella late (damn)
Can’t even walk the streets
Any problems, mask and the gloves (ayy)
Nowadays the dealers worse than the users (oh)
Not bad for the kid who never made his first class
Take the time to remember that you can’t get the time back
Always said I’d be a dropout (damn)
C’mon man get a plate, get your own plate
Flow smooth over the Marvin
[Hook: Fabolous]
Told Swizz gotta put the top down (hey)
Memories take you back to the time
[Verse 5: Fabolous & (Swizz Beatz)]
This that theme music
Put the strap over the shoulder like the jumpers is back, yeah

Nowadays the jump offs just jump in the back
You already know Voorhees (kill kill kill) and Krueger (hahahaha)
(Goddamn) Yeah
Put the chains on, huh, goddamnit!
They get the drop
Yeah, only right I bring the drop out (woo!)
Oh this that Freddy and Jason
They told me as a young G
[Verse 2: Jadakiss & (Swizz Beatz)]

Life’s a bitch, don’t make me call my boo
Any questions, asking above (woo!)
[Verse 3: Fabolous & (Swizz Beatz)]
(Freddy and Jason!)
I’m in homeroom with dime sacks (Jada)
{*school bell ringing*} Yeah
(Goddamn!) Ugh
Middle finger to your haters
business Back on that thing, back on that B.S.
The Eurostep, the German ruger (woo!)
Are you the accuser? Are you the victim? (huh)
Goddamnit! This that Freddy and Jason, huh?
Jason and Freddy basically ready

Real shit, still gotta feed the shooters (goddamn)
It just make me wanna holla
Either selling weight to you or you selling weight?
[Verse 4: Jadakiss & (Swizz Beatz)]