Iggy Pop Board Shorts – Yes, It’s A Thing

Well, now it’s a thing. Sony Music’s innovative merchandising company The Thread Shop announces their partnership with music icon Iggy Pop today! These prints are an authentic tribute and a graphic history of Iggy’s legendary lust for life and thread the entire collection of boardshorts, graphic tees and pullovers. Check out his entire collection at Billabong. “And when I feel like getting formal, I’ll put on boardshorts. The apparel and accessory collaboration is an exclusive collection for Billabong. Life is better in boardshorts.”
The collection was largely inspired by Iggy’s gig posters that appeared in the music venue halls of the 80’s and 90’s. The wetsuit top titled, “Wild Thing Glide Skin,” cross-pollinates Billabong’s surf DNA with Iggy’s proto-punk attitude. This memorable tiger print leather jacket from the seminal album, Raw Power, has been redesigned and is now waterproof and ocean ready. Once a streetwalking cheetah with a heart full of Napalm, these days Iggy’s more notorious for lounging all day at the beach or pool in boardshorts. People generally think of a handful of things when they hear Iggy Pop’s name. Board shorts are certainly not on my list of ‘things’. “I usually wake up and stay nude for three or four hours,” Iggy says.
Iggy Pop Board Shorts – Yes, It’s A Thing

Dominoel: The Domino Advent Calendar

We have one final gift to share – the annual Domino Advent Calendar is open once again! There is only a handful of each special item up for grabs, so make sure to check back every day at 10am EST to see what the calendar has to offer. Domino Records has an Advent calendar that will make any music lover happy this year! Everyday you’ll get a chance to get your hands on long sold out, limited edition, deluxe and signed copies from artists including Arctic Monkeys, Buzzcocks, The Kills, Animal Collective, (Sandy) Alex G, and many, many more. For example, today’s special includes:
Protomartyr – Relatives In Descent (LTD DLX LP)

Animal Collective – Applesauce (10″ Single)

Check out the daily fun here. The calendar is available from now until December 15th so check it out while you can!
Dominoel: The Domino Advent Calendar

Can You Pick Up Conversations in a Noisy Room? Then You May Be a Musician.

DU Yi from the Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and her collaborator Dr. It could because they’ve got some kind of musical training. This study, titled “Musical training sharpens and bonds ears and tongue to hear speech better,” has just been published online in PNAS. Another reason to give your kids music lessons. The study analyzed brain activity measured by functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) of 15 musicians and 15 non-musicians, all on average 21 to 22 years of age, as they identified speech syllables against changing levels of background noise. Zatorre Robert from the Montréal Neurological Institute and McGill University has revealed that musical training might improve speech perception in noisy environments via enhanced neural foundation in bottom-up auditory encoding, top-down speech motor prediction, and cross-modal auditory-motor integration. This is from Medical Express:
A brain imaging study by Dr. Some people are just better at hearing conversations no matter how noisy the party might be. But why? (Via Tom) The whole story can be read here.
Can You Pick Up Conversations in a Noisy Room? Then You May Be a Musician.

The Bots Strike Again: Eagles Fans and Swifties Thwarted

I was in the first hour of ticket releases (although still 35 minutes in, having got almost every boost available). Ticketmaster is trying to thwart bots with its “Verified Fan” measures but with mixed success. Within seconds of going on sale–yes, seconds–all the tickets for the band’s May 2018 gig at Rogers Arena in Vancouver were gone. Goddam ticket-buying bots, huh? If the purchaser tried to sell the tix they would be canceled. You were supposed to increase your chances of getting tickets if you watched Tay-Tay videos and bought merch.  Huge chunks of floors and lower bowl was gone by the time I got my code. Eagles fans in BC are not happy. I was looking for tix for a show in NYC (Harry Potter) and the show had an absolutely no transfer policy. […]

I watched her videos close to 4,000 times (well played them) and bought the album and some mercy so my 14 yo Swiftie could have good seats for the show. For the last concert, I actually had better seats in my cart…15th row centre but Ticketmaster crashed midway through the ticket buying process and I lost them. That may be the only solution. And while Ontario and Alberta have all sorts of plans to make the use of bots illegal, more governments in more places will have to get on board to make any measures successful. And the Harry Potter that would cancel tickets sold online was London. Bot create all sorts of misery for us poor meatbags who just want the ability to buy tickets to a gig at face value. But Fred sent me this:
[A]lmost immediately after she started releasing her tickets to the public based on how many times you watched her videos and bought her merchandise, Swiftie tickets already selling for 4-5X what the face value is. The current score this month is be Bots 2, Humans 0. Forgot I figured out it was cheaper to buy tickets and fly to London for a week than pay $2,400US on StubHub to see it in NYC. The vendor agreed to buy the tix back for anyone that wanted to sell. Now music fans in BC are demanding that the provincial NDP government crack down on bots like they’re attempting are in Ontario and Alberta and also jurisdictions like New York state as well as the UK. It allowed me to take my time and pick my tickets rather than the rush that normally occurs but I certainly didn’t get much better seats than the last time we went*. Although you have to be pretty certain you can sell them again…. Claims have been made in places like Ohio of restriction bot sales to less than 10% of the available tickets, but the much ballyhooed Taylor Swift VF program has left some fans upset.
The Bots Strike Again: Eagles Fans and Swifties Thwarted

In 1965, Paul McCartney Made a Christmas Record for his Bandmates. Only Four Were Pressed Up and Then Lost. Until Now.

The tape was transferred to record and just four were ever made. Hold on, sunshine. In December 1965, Paul McCartney created a special Christmas record in the offices of Dick James for his mates featuring him playing DJ. And then they were presumed lost. This isn’t taken from any of those records, but we do have the master tape. Something just showed up on YouTube.
Until Now. In 1965, Paul McCartney Made a Christmas Record for his Bandmates. Only Four Were Pressed Up and Then Lost.

Another Proposal for Protecting Consumers When It Comes to Concert Tickets

Another Proposal for Protecting Consumers When It Comes to Concert Tickets
 Why can’t the live event industry?  
What every consumer, industry stakeholder, and government wants for their constituents is to be well-served. Read the whole story here.  And it’s not because of security, which is run separately by both the TSA and CATSA.  
Of course, there are no comparable’s if you ignore another global industry also selling tickets for seats; the airlines.  

The airlines simply set the ground rules, and no one says, “It is my ticket, and I should be able to do what I want with it”. He sent me this:
Can you think of any other industry where you pay a premium for a new product (or service), and when you go to use it, it might not work and you can’t get another?  
Although “bots” are currently making headlines worldwide, they are not the problem in live events. Enacting policies around authentication was the right solution. I’ve had some conversations with Alan Geland, the founder of Fair Ticket Solutions, a company based out of Vancouver that’s looking to bring the sale of concert tickets (and tickets for theatre productions and sporting events) into the 21st century by proposing ideas that protect consumers.  
Its time media became better educated, and share their powerful voice with both consumers and legislatures to much better protect all. Which is ludicrous when you consider that there is far more at stake in the airline industry when a seat is sold. It doesn’t exist in any other industry, so why here? It’s not.  
What follows are a set of questions and suggestions to make those things a reality. It doesn’t exist in any other industry, so why in live events?   But in live events, it doesn’t exist.  The easy answer is because the public’s perception is that the live events industry should not be allowed to, and governments believe same.  Because the airlines manage to retain control over their tickets until their passengers enter the plane. It doesn’t account for the lost experience or expense to see the event. It would have eliminated fraud, and allowed industry to use technology to protect consumers in many ways, such as the detection and elimination of bots, and the implementation of price caps at an artist’s request. Can you think of any other industry where you pay a premium for a new product or service, and when you go to use it, it might not work and you can’t get another? Alan is speaking of his recent piece in The Globe and Mail:

In 2015, when the government passed an amendment to the Ticket Speculation Act, they got it half right. It’s unconscionable!  They are just one of the symptoms. There is only one rule that requires anyone entering or leaving the US to have their name on the TSA manifests 1 hour prior to scheduled departure.  But the government caved to resellers and added in a money-back guarantee, creating an illusion of consumer protection. That’s it.   

Are you aware there are no laws that prohibit a consumer from transferring or selling an airline ticket in North America?None!  So why is it the airline industry doesn’t have similar problems despite welcoming their customers to print paper tickets at home? In so doing, it allowed any non-authorized reseller to sell a fake ticket to a live event, giving the consumer a false confidence that a money-back guarantee was satisfactory.   Tickets for use internally in the US and Canada aren’t subject to that requirement, nor is leaving or entering Canada. It also doesn’t account for the fear that many people have, when purchasing tickets from secondary-market resellers, that they might be turned away at the gate with a fake ticket.

Chris Martin Appears on Modern Family to Soothe Phil Dunphy’s Testicles. You Read That Right.

You Read That Right. Chris Martin Appears on Modern Family to Soothe Phil Dunphy’s Testicles.
Chris Martin and Phil Dunphy joke about Chris’ wardrobe #ModernFamily pic.twitter.com/dkdNcELNB0
— Coldplaying (@coldplaying) November 30, 2017

Chris Martin sings a song for Phil Dunphy on #ModernFamily 😂 @TelevisionAcad @goldenglobes pic.twitter.com/HyVnnQwGzD
— Coldplaying (@coldplaying) November 30, 2017 His mistake was to wear jeans that were too tight and–well, you’ll see. Naturally, Phil Dunphy ended up as his realtor. Coldplay’s Chris Martin showed up on Modern Family looking for a place to live in LA.

An Interesting Follow-up to My Plane Crash Story

The story was used across Corus radio websites, including Q107. Keep reading. How do you drive a 777-300 ER into a pole and not know about it? Better safe than sorry, right? We were aboard EVA Airways BR35 early Saturday morning on our way to Bangkok via Taipei. EVA, a solid five-star airline, is my usual choice across the Pacific because of (a) decent prices; and (b) good service. Afternoon guy John Scholes noticed something interesting about a banner ad that appeared alongside the post. Then it happened again. A few seconds after we began to taxi again, there was a huge couple of bangs, kind of like we had raced over a couple of speed bumps too fast. Classic, no? But whatever. If you’re a reader of Edge.ca, you may have seen my weekend story about our plane crash incident at Pearson Airport early Saturday morning. After pushing back on time at 12:45 am Saturday, the pilot told us we were going de-icing. Given that it was 5 degrees that seemed a little weird. Now, though, some points have been deducted for bad driving.
An Interesting Follow-up to My Plane Crash Story

The Results of Chester Bennington’s Autopsy Have Been Released and…

He’d been prescribed anti-depressants in the past, but had not been using them for the better part of a year. In fact, the tests says that Chester was NOT under the effects of any drugs at the time of his death. Chester was found hanging in his bedroom by a black Hugo Boss belt on the morning of July 20. Police also found an empty bottle of Stella Artois and a half-drunk pint of Corona. Shards of Chester’s fingernails were found under his iPhone and on his bedroom dresser, apparently part of habit Chester had of picking at his fingernails when he was anxious. Again, this is nothing new; Chester was upfront about his mental demons. In an interview with Chester’s wife, Talinda, she confirmed that Chester had fallen off the wagon in 2006 and left the house with a gun one night. The report doesn’t mention anything that might have been found in his bloodstream. That incident was settled peacefully and without incident. There was no actual suicide note, but police say he did leave a handwritten “biography.” We’ve yet to see that. The toxicology report revealed that Chester had a small amount of MDMA (Ecstasy) in his system along with a bit of alcohol, most like from the half-empty bottle of vodka that was found nearby. She also confirmed that Chester was in an outpatient treatment program and had a long history of depression punctuated with occasional thoughts of suicide. Via TMZ In his pocket was the boarding pass from the flight he’d taken from Phoenix the night before. Searching the house, there was a bottle of Zolpidem, a generic version of the sleep aid Ambien, on his dresser. …there’s really not much we didn’t expect. Talinda and his kids were still in Arizona at the time of his death.
The Results of Chester Bennington’s Autopsy Have Been Released and…