These Dildos Were Secretly Recording Their Users

Good. (1) That a vibrator is Bluetooth-enabled; (2) that you control it from an app; and (3) the app gains access to a smartphone’s microphone and camera. It’s unfortunate, because there’s no other way to control the vibrator without the app. Regarding the sound file in question, it has already been confirmed that this is a minor bug – a temporary file that is created when someone uses the Sound Control feature. And when I say “dildos,” I’m not using the word pejoratively to describe some stupid people. At no time had I wanted the app to record entire sessions using the vibrator. Your concern is completely understandable. I have deleted the app, and will no longer be using its Bluetooth functions. …
The bug has been fixed and an updated version of Lovense Remote is now available for download in the Google Play store. If your device is running a previous version of Lovense Remote please upgrade to v3.0.7 by clicking here.   But rest assured, no information or data is sent to our servers. The app permissions allow for mic and camera use, but this was supposed to be for use with the in-app chat function to send voice clips on command. Off to update my app, then. I mean that actual dildos were in audio recording mode when, uh…well, you know. I’m not tech savvy enough to know if the recording had been sent to them or not, but I assume this is the case given the history of the industry and their disregard for privacy. Ah. Starts to make sense now, doesn’t it?)
To their credit, the Lovense Teledildonics Company has come clean (wait–that doesn’t sound good) and has admitted to a “bug” in their app. More coverage here and here. The file was a FULL audio recording 6 minutes long of the last time I had used the app to control my SO’s remote control vibrator (We used it at a bar while playing pool). Someone on Reddit discovered (God knows what they were originally looking for) the following:
TLDR: App for remote control vibrator records your sexytime lovemaking sessions
The Lovense remote control vibrator app (used to control remote control sex toys made by Lovense, such as this one) seems to be recording while the vibrator is on. A couple of things may jump out from that story at you. Aha! I was going through my phone media to prepare it for a factory reset and came across a .3gp file named “tempSoundPlay.3gp” in the folder for the App. (Possible answers to the preceding: Maybe your partner is not in the room/city/country and he/she wants to have fun by controlling the dildo from afar.
These Dildos Were Secretly Recording Their Users