Meyhem Lauren & DJ Muggs – Aquatic Violence (feat. Mr. MFN Exquire & Sean Price)

That’s how it’s gotta be, respect the odyssey
[Verse 2: Meyhem Lauren]
I’m busting ass with my eyes closed
But when it gets dark [?] holsters, show ’em for real
Fuck niggas, no [?]
[Verse 3: Sean Price]
Uh, the bullet from the [?]

Broke through the struggle, kept the rubble as a souvenir
Sit down for glorious [?]
Always cursing, getting kicked out of fucking class
Might pop up on your block shooting Megatron
Might crush his head like a nigga off [?]
To squeeze one cheek you gotta use both hands
Everything is [?] as long as they polish me
Busting out the S6 like a Megaman
As a youth I was fucking bad
[?] lined up like it’s Candy Crush
Laminate your bitch like Conan
Punch your mouth, say ouch before I [?] steel
Thugs in the zone, the sky got me feeling at home
Wide awake, never sleeping like the city I roam
There’s some new kings in town, say peace to the throne
Take a flight the same night shorty giving me dome
Evacuate the top of the world, my niggas moving there
I smack [?] for trying to
My nigga [?]
You know better than that, P
Bitches out the country sending pussy flicks to my phone
She look good so I’m still gon’ smash
That love fly niggas who rap so we their favorites
Get smart, I got a phone in my loafers
I’m wearin’ niggas, fucking bitches, getting dollars B
When it comes to foreign affair shit, you know the policy
Do harm to grills
[?] American bastards
She look good but the pussy trash

Put it in the bag before I put you in a fucking bag
You never could rap so don’t rap after me
P, degenerate rap shit
My big booty bitch got mega bun
Got 35 bitches in Vegas practicing [?]
[?] motherfucker go bismark

But fuck bitches, where the cash
[Verse 1: Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire]
My [?] I don’t give a fuck
Touch your hand on his head and you a dead man
I’m playing [?] on my iPhone
Say slick shit out of your face
This world is an ex girl you never get back with
Every bag a nigga own came with drugs and cologne
Might crush his head in a vice grip
We [?] never remind us
Bitch spit that [?]
[?] with a eye patch
That make dollars daily like [?]parish