DRAM – Check Ya Fabrics

Jersey City spot is right outside New York City
The one our kids like, the one that niggas fight up in the club
Them ones you just got yesterday, them new Air Force Ones
I don’t know it though, I roll down the window like what’s up?
Tell Fatima that my sneaker that I paid too much from Neiman’s…
Them shits is good, your juice is glowin’, nigga, you got it
I only have eyes for my clothes
yeah, yeah I got the…
Dammit, bruh, dammit, bruh, dammit, bruh
But I was like I seen the pain, but just stay at home
With the little studs on the side
I seen somebody gettin’ moved to my fuckin’ music
Blue faces, blue faces, I got…
I was with my lil’ bitty, with my lil’ bitty
That "I be on that fuck shit," they sing along
I’m waitin’, man, I’m addicted to these clothes, dawg
Grab out your phone and look at your fabrics
I was tryna go out, tryna be my own
[?] fuck up off you
Anyways, we walked up in the chicken joint
You don’t know what happened next Why the fuck is he doin’ that shit?
12 dollars [?] 12 fucks, that’s right before the tax
[?] change your ways, nigga, hell no
Keep going, it sounded great!
"Bae, that’s the boy that did that song, that one song
Oh, Uncle Sam
People come inside, they be lookin’ like, "what’s that, bruh?"
Sometimes that shit [?] problems"
I got new shit, got the Common Projects for the basic
And my only first time puttin’ these mothafuckas on
Them shits is good, your gold is glowin’, nigga, you got it
You gon’ have this to know that [?]
I love my clothes like I love my girl that I hold close at night
You know that they ’bout to take 1/6th of that
Yo, I had walked up in the…
I only have eyes for my fabrics
I got the Gu… ooh, ooh
I’m waitin’ for I can get my discount on
And nigga stepped up on your Nikes, they ones
I got [?] in the front
I got the Prada belt with the fur
Even if you’re still lookin’ for that very one
That brush and roll
Studs in the front, what?
Might be somethin’, ill happened
Because it gets hype
I got Fear of God, I got Prada
Gotta go, gotta go

I got the Fendi belt
I only wear [?] clothes
Wearin’ ’em out every time I step out, wearin’ it
Moved [?] pain involved
I got suitcases and suitcases and shoelaces upon shoelaces
I was just tryna make music to make the people do it

Sometimes I don’t wanna have these fuckin’ people out here
I got so many clothes in there it’ll make you lose your mind
All times of the day, I be in the house fresh like
That I don’t know how to walk like people walked back in the days
The next song is gon’ make you think about your one
And that girl tapped her man like
Yeah the chicken spot up in the city
I got Gucci on, I got Balenciaga, but they did me wrong
I only have eyes on my clothes
Nigga you know I got it
I got [?]
I’m addicted to wearin’ ’em at my shows, dawg
In their shell toes
I was at the shipyard [?]
Yo, what happened to this shit, ho?
The next song is gon’ make you feel like a ray of sun
I got rent on, I got all that shit, bitch I’m famous
Thinkin’ that I’m just a superstar, so well known
From my mama like it was lunch, made, lunch, made
Them Fresh Wipes, you know you can’t even get the scuff up off them

Remember when I used to eat them made sandwiches

Two options, but I keep the ones in
I got that corduroy as well, yeah, yeah
Where they’re tryna get a little cheaper, but it’s gritty
Gotta… gotta flow, gotta flow
I brush and roll, brush and roll