CyHi The Prynce – God Bless Your Heart

[Verse 2]
Huh, but I ain’t tripping
MTV, this is unplugged
God bless your heart, ha
It’s ’bout your lineage, show ’em I’m not your guinea pig
Be thankful his mercy let us say all these precious thoughts
I wrote everything in red ’cause that’s what Jesus said
I’m bumping young bloods ([?])
They say I got to much will like 24s on Hondas
And she fucked my best partner knowing she dead wrong
I thought I was a good kid, well I guess not
Just a bunch of big dummies Lemus the red fox
Be thankful his mercy let us say all these precious thoughts
My partner fed fish scale to the whole village for a piece of bread
My matriarch low mileage, I APR

One love
Worked three jobs over time at the sweatshop
That’s just how I was brung up
The child of Coleman and Tanya
‘Cause when I put the pen to pad they should make them pen my pad
[Verse 1]
"No time, Felicia," that’s what the overachiever said
Breaking through people windows stealing desktops
"Cydel, you a Pyru," that’s what your teacher said
It ain’t her fault, I was misguided and lead on
Just a gap-toothed genius
Stacking this cheese reminds me of momma’s lasagna
Yeah, God bless your heart
‘Cause like ornaments on trees

I like my cars and my women fast
Jump up, I pick my gun up
God bless your heart, ha
"Matthew was 14," that’s what the preacher plead
Had to yolk the bitch up cause she was egged on
I came, I saw, I conquered like Ceaser said
God bless your heart, yeah
Never had a scared pops
Flipping half
That’s just how we was hung up
On Memorial Drive in the Cutlass
Might fuck a midget and have twins, I’m tryna have too many kids
Put this shit on wax, how I used to dip and dab
"Just a nigga in a Coupe," that’s what Yeezus said
God bless your heart, yeah
Cause those boys will hide your ass like an Easter egg
Until you — reach the feds, ha
It’s hard to celebrate Christmas as a black man
I been sponsored off-white since ‘Ye lived in the [?]
I give you my spirit ’til all my niggas wrists is uncuffed
Y’all niggas slow if that just dawned on you like kitchen soap
A hot boy, juvenile was my next stop
Feel like I’m hitchhiking
Not out of wedlock
A fiending son on Death Row, I’ma die behind these bars
I need my lady just like a brand new Mercedes car, ha
God bless your heart, yeah, huh
Whippings, I got a bunch of
And I had a redbone who thought that she was headstrong
Twist up this ganja ’til I go over yonder
Word to my cousin Jelanda, uh
By the best friend had me calling collect home
Bitches love my presence ’cause I got the Gift of Gab
My thesis read
Every flow is a thumbs up
Niggas wet you while you sleeping, you just peed the bed

God bless your heart, yeah, huh

From crafting double entendres
God bless your heart
Joe Jackson with trapping, I beat the sun up
I’m on the come up