Apollo Brown & Planet Asia – Deep In The Casket

Allegedly they say my little Relly caught a body
My city going stupid mainly
That’s the stone cold truth
Like aftershocks niggas is used to booking
Cross the line, I might down ya
Y’know I mean?
[Planet Asia]
[?], major models sophisticado
Might Colombian fashion your casket
Gangsta gun game, my [?] aim damage a frame
The only one the man left us to play God knows it’s a rotten game.
That powder they nose with that white girl
Lil niggas in the pen going super crazy
Saw so much that I cannot be shooken
Wasn’t for this, then I’d still be jooking
Twist something
Still killing shit, it’s pretty boy militance
Medaliano, Masonic murder rap scholar
Fit deep in the casket
Have you taking shots like you was bar hoppin

Four door Porsches and polo horses
Put your head in a basket
[Verse 2]
Know your family would be set in place doing car washes
You know the doctrine, since when the fuck y’all start poppin?
There’s no way for you to even mask it
Words is like coke, I’m used to cooking

Like the paper at the gun range, I’m sun blazing
[Verse 1]
Colombian fashion (8x)
Eight track stereo, colored TV in every room

I’m still jooking, it’s just nothing is getting tooken
Keep a shooter with a throwaway
SKs blow your face when big boys come out to play

It’s the American Dream, nigga, well ain’t it?

Colombian fashion (8x)
It’s the fuck I’m talking ’bout, man
From the ground on up, dirty shit man
When it’s war we never go away
Runners over the stove, giving slight twirls with hoes
Broke niggas tryna beef always getting smoked
Golf courses, teriyaki swordfish, exotic fortress
Fit deep in the casket
My goons follow ’cause I know the way
These rappers is a fuckin joke
Trained to go fast with no delay
Bumping Mozzy in the Maserati
And you can snort a half a piece of dope every day
That’s why I feel at home around the chain lifters, and body counters
Heavy handed henchmen, victorious vigilant
The bullshit you better start squashing