Without you – Slander feat. Kayzo lyrics

Slander lyrics
Video you But I don’t wanna live in a world without you. (x4)
Silly for me to think you’re the one I’d never blame
The one that I would never change
The one that always stays the same
Now I’m in the corner thinking back on all these memories
Like what I’d do if you had stayed
And all the lies that you betrayed
If time stood still
And I could see you again
Then I would keep you with me, yeahhh. Stop with all the bullshit
I’m done with all the fake love
So you should really just quit
‘Cause I saw the texts on on your phone
And it’s hard to say
It’s hard to say
So I guess I’ll be on my way. Because I don’t wanna live in a world without youuu.
Lyrics Slander – Without you
Sometimes I try to keep myself out there
Sometimes I try to make it look
Like I’m comfortable in the skin I wear
But these words cut deeper than the knife
And I gotta act like I don’t care
But if it didn’t happen then I guess I wouldn’t be here
I guess I wouldn’t be here, oh no.(without you)