New Music From The Inbox – Tuesday Edition! (Oct 10, 2017): Cale & the Gravity Well, Reptaliens, Vince James, and more!

Effortless easy-listening is especially welcome for helping with digestion. There’s no overburdening in this one, that’s for sure. Coyly expressive and cautiously emotive, this quick track has a story to tell while getting you to bop along. Listen: 

Artist: Repatliens
Song: “If You Want”
Album/EP: FM-2030

There’s no mystery as to why Reptaliens share a label with Mac DeMarco. Watch/Listen: 

Artist: Vince James
Song: “The Man I Want To Be”
Album/EP: Single

Folk with a bluegrassy twinge, this Welsh artist channels the revitalized Americana of post-electric Dylan (and has the voice to match). Treading lightly doesn’t necessarily mean beating around the bush, though – clever lyricism and expressive parts are still present, just not overwhelmingly so. New Sincerity Works crafts a brand of grabbing, sci-fi flavoured psych that somehow just works. The Oregon couple reflect many of the stylings of the pepperoni playboy – lazy, lilting, jazzy jangle rock can be found right this way. Listen: 

Artist: Tempesst
Song: “Waiheke”
Album/EP: Adult Wonderland

A slow-burning, mind-churning psych-rock track that focuses on pleasantly calming movement in the guitars and synth. Watch/Listen:  Artist: Cale & the Gravity Well
Song: “Zambia”
Album/EP: Creation Myths

Soft indie stylings with warbling vocals and rolling instrumentals, this is the perfect post-Thanksgiving food coma lullaby. Listen: 

Artist: Metalite
Song: “Nightmare”
Album/EP: Heroes In Time

The first words that come to mind to describe this song are “light metal”, which makes this band’s name extra convenient. Symphonic power-pop metal with some of the rush and operatic grandiose of standard metal without the harshness or overbearing brutality, “Nightmare” strikes a solid middle ground that even a casual listener can enjoy. It’s incredibly easy to get lost in UK’s Tempesst and their serendipitous serenade. Listen: 

Artist: New Sincerity Works
Song: “Just Like Vapor”
Album/EP: Wonder Lust

Chromatic and dissonant guitar parts are typically not the most endearing songwriting characteristics, but when weaved into the greater fabric of a curious indie tune you can’t help but be drawn in.
(Oct 10, 2017): Cale & the Gravity Well, Reptaliens, Vince James, and more! New Music From The Inbox – Tuesday Edition!