Muse Reissues Coming. Matt Says They’re “Elaborate”

Matt Says They’re “Elaborate” Muse Reissues Coming.
Fans can thank the band’s desire to release new music when it’s ready rather than waiting to release a full album. Bellamy points out: “People are going to see into the creative process as we’re writing and recording the songs, and we’re going to put them out quite soon after.” Fans can expect “at least another three songs.”
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Muse will soon release “a very elaborate vinyl package” that will include a lot of historical content and remastered versions of their first two albums Showbiz and Origin of Symmetry on vinyl, a fact revealed vt drummer Dominic Howard. The package will also include a book and other rare and unreleased material such as early demos and photographs. [A report from current intern-in-residence, Dorothy Lee. Earlier this year, Muse released their single “Dig Down”, and have revealed they plan to release more new music ahead of their upcoming album, which they hope to release next year. Frontman Matt Bellamy described the package as “a kind of autobiography of music”; and Howard commented how much they’ve changed during their first few years together as a band, from when they were just kids to when they recorded their second album Origin of Symmetry and this is reflected in their music.