Lupe Fiasco – Black Power L Word

Have powwows and wigwams
Dream team scheme to king Azizim
He’ll probably weave by ’em, and wake up when we’re dead
[Intro: Lupe Fiasco]
What a shame, taking on weight, and jumping on the plane
Yeah yeah yeah, yeah-yeah, breakfast sketches, yeah?, yeah, alright, and they say, uh

When go, left, no, (roll out) stay, L-Word: Lupe
Rail spike, snail life, I need change
Right on time like high speed trains
That’s transformers, ass warmers, ass styles for the wilin’
Back way when, I would say then, they would do it, when I say when

Right across the left, [?]
Can Donald rob Mueller and shake another fed?

[Outro: Lupe Fiasco]
Re-animate it, (roll out) Roll-out mines, Frankenstein times Optimus Prime
Back to the training, this mental bomb left Daniel-san hanging, haymakers for Al Haymin
That’s an excellent Karate Kid reference
To focus on the dead that I said in my very first testament
Pull up real slow like tai-chi cranes
Right across the chest, Mayweather your wig
Don’t sleep on that, that’s a sword with 3 swings
Frank Gallagher rubbing Valium on the mouths of the violent to make them silent
[Verse 1: Lupe Fiasco]

Zorro bombing on cars how I write these names
Zombie, I need brains
But I’m leave it there like negligence
Lucille take it to the head, thumbs up to the mules, break another leg
Indeed, I spit freeze like Kal-El, only bow down to Islam