Random Music News for Thursday, April 27, 2017

And Bruce Willis. In a throwback to about 1968, Mattel has issued Beatles-themed Hot Wheels. Did a Bieber bodyguard commit a hate crime? Gracenote, the music metadata identifier, is now in over 100 million cars. Iggy Pop has presented with France’s highest cultural award. It was on this day in 1981 that Xerox PARC introduced a new computer controller device they called a “mouse,” ushering a new era of user interfaces and carpal tunnel syndrome. The Labyrinth soundtrack (featuring David Bowie) is finally getting a vinyl reissue. Sad: This is the last week of shows at Toronto’s Silver Dollar before it closes for good. In reunion news, look for the (brief) return of DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. A bunch of musicians won Webby Awards for their videos. If you look at streaming numbers, Drake is the biggest recording artist in the world. He’s now a Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters. And now, the music news for April 27. This Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. Spotify has bought a blockchain company that will match royalties with rightsholders. 2 soundtrack promotion with Doritos is pretty cool. Just like his old friend David Bowie.
Random Music News for Thursday, April 27, 2017

20 Strangely Specific Radio Station Formats

20 Strangely Specific Radio Station Formats
Broadcasting out of Birmingham on 105.2 FM and across the UK through online streaming, Rockdog introduced music, ‘interviewed’ bands, and more. Well, do you have an entire radio station dedicated to a record format? You can find Fix Radio here. Made for bricklayers, plumbers, electricians, plasterers, roofers, painters and more, the station hopes to provide music, news, and ‘cheeky banter’ that all workers can agree on. Maybe racism radio doesn’t pay the bills? Radio doudou: “100% music for your baby!”
Need to catch something soothing for naptime? There’s another Al Bayan radio station broadcasting from Australia, but they’re a completely innocent Muslim-interest station that only shares an unfortunate name with the ISIS version and nothing more. Based out of Phoenix, Arizona, Cat Galaxy is a streaming radio and TV station designed for cats to listen to and watch. Sponsored by NASA, Third Rock Radio is actually a clever marketing partnership with RFC Media. Sometimes it follows a regular broadcast schedule, and other times it disappears from the airwaves completely.  

4. The stunt only lasted a hot minute from December 2016 to January 2017, but for a few glorious weeks the sweet sounds of capitalism graced the Floridian airwaves. Airing every Saturday at 2:30pm, the station is entirely operated by patients. The original broadcast was hosted on an independent website, but has since moved to 1.fm’s multinational streaming service. Feeling the call of the wild? Sick of hearing about scary news in the world? The thing about radio stations is that they have to appeal to certain audiences. 12. WooFDriver All Dog Radio: “Feel the Love, Hear the Excitement, Please the Pups”
Less radio show and more network, WooFDriver features basically everything dog-related for you and your four-footed friend. The station is no more, but some of its yuge bumpers are saved on Youtube for your listening pleasure. 9. 20. French station Radio doudou has you covered, with a playlist aimed specifically at babies – not toddlers or preschoolers, those are separate stations. Sensitive ears can’t handle the clatter and clash of loud rock bands? Mixing new rock discovered by fans with far-out stories of space exploration and discovery, Third Rock Radio aims to draw in a new generation of NASA fans through rock music that has never seen the inside of a programming playlist. Hoping to float amongst the stars? You can find KSCN 88.5 here. You can find archives of some of the shows here. Shame, too – you never know when a rapid-fire song could be needed to fill some dead air. You can find KPISS.FM here. Is it from a nature reserve? 16. punk, speed metal) were more fruitful than others. All The Time!”
Don’t think we’d leave our feline friends out! Made of shellac, spun at a higher speed than the vinyl we’re familiar with today, and very susceptible to shattering when dropped, the format lives on in this station’s broadcast. That’s the premise behind Radio Nostalgia: based in the Netherlands, the programming is entirely dedicated to authentic 78s from the early days of the record press. Want to hear some burrito-eating music? Curious about what the KKK has to discuss? Unsurprisingly, that website was a redirect to a KKK-run supremacist station, broadcasting shows like This is the Klan and White Women’s Perspective to its listeners. Chipotle hired Golub in 2010 to produce a playlist to suit their 1400+ locations, and it clearly worked – Chipotle had an incredibly popular music player on their website for a while, with every track tuned to sound perfect in the restaurants’ acoustic space. Is it on a loop? The brainchild of Steve Penk, what started as a two-hour weekly show has transformed into an international 24/7 live stream that covers every genre imaginable – so long as the artists are dead, of course. Well of course there’s other nature sounds too, like there’s probably a few Amazonian bugs chirping in the background as well, but really this channel is for the birds. Radio Nostalgia: “A musical journey through the era of the 78 RPM record”
So you think you’re a record collector, hunh? Sadly, tuning in might not get you anywhere, as the pup doesn’t seem to be on-air anymore. It’s a market that is typically underrepresented in Los Angeles, so KCSN stepped in as the only full-time format dedicated to championing alternative Latin-based languages in the region. However, sources say Rockdog was a great host and an especially good boy. It’s all curated by a dog-lover named Bill Helman, who had a heavy hand in creating a lot of the content, too – some of his doggone lyrics are available on the website, if you’re curious. Based in Austin, TX, the station has been going strong since the turn of the millennium…somehow! You can find Third Rock Radio here. Other psychiatric institutions have also adopted similar programs, but Loony Radio is the first to utilize radio broadcasting to demystify the lives of psychiatric patients and gently reintegrate them with society. Kerrang! That’s right – the hospital is actually Buenos Aires’ largest psychiatric institution, and part of its therapeutic programming includes running Radio La Colifata.  Questions included whether women should be permitted to witness executions, and how to keep them from becoming infatuated with executioners. That’s right, Golub goes so far as to test music in a Chipotle location in New York to make sure everything reverberates properly while you chow down. Got some work to do? Adeles’ “Hello”, presumably from the other side of the FM changeover. Here are some of the tracks One Minute Radio offered, once upon a time. You can find fluffertraX here. You can find Radio La Colifata here. Ever wondered what a dog whistle sounds like? You can (sometimes) find Cat Galaxy here. You can find Brazilian Birds Radio here. Radio briefly had a black lab as a weekly show host a few years ago. Want to hear some ethnic influences on a familiar genre? For real. But interestingly, it occasionally follows a more familiar format, too: one of the programmes, called Fatwas Over the Airwaves, featured Muslim clerics answering questions from call-in jihadists. Broadcasting on various frequencies in different pockets of Syria, Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan, Al Bayan is ISIS’ propaganda machine on the airwaves. Borda Hospital, a unique Argentinian radio station is broadcast to the world. Bummer. Unfortunately, due to complicated federal law around cannabis and advertising, the station couldn’t run any ads at all and ultimately folded after less than a year of broadcast. Is it streaming live? Radio La Colifata (Loony Radio): “Bridges where there are walls”
In the courtyard of Dr. 18. Unfortunately some mixups in the Rdio/Pandora crossover seems to have killed the website’s code, although it is open-source so a crafty programmer may be able to revive it. You can find Radio doudou here. 11. White Pride Radio: “White Views For Our People”
You can probably tell where this is going. It’s just a bunch of birds calling away – does that really matter? A quick listen had Penk introduce an incoming Sinatra track with his birth and death dates and cause of death, because who doesn’t like some mourning with their morning crooning? That original website now redirects to Alt-Right TV, an entire network dedicated to KKK programming, but the domain doesn’t seem to work very often. And if you listen carefully, sometimes you can even hear the vocal tracks accidentally cut in. Want to rock like an astronaut? KPISS.FM: “Internet radio where we talk shit”
Before you think this is a gross gimmick, don’t worry: KPISS.FM doesn’t actually play music about bodily fluids all day. Or maybe purposely. Affectionately named Loony Radio, hosts conduct interviews, read the news, play music, and advocate for mental patients’ rights – all within the confines of the hospital’s courtyard. 7. 19. Fitting. Dying to tune in? Mental patients. Featuring plenty of call-in talks around pot, airing kush-related news at 4:20pm, and playing clips from stoner flicks, Smokin’ 94.1 even changed its call letters to KBUD to fit the bill. It’s actually quite relaxing, really. Curious? Back in January of 2015, a billboard in Arkansas sparked controversy when it displayed a message proclaiming white pride to not be racist, beckoning viewers to check out a website called whiteprideradio.com. KCSN 88.5 Los Angeles: “The Latin Alternative”
Broadcasting from the campus of California State University, KCSN 88.5 is one of the biggest Latin alternative stations in the US. 10. Need some tune time with baby? 8. Cat Galaxy: “All Cats! Want to compare this station’s bark to its bite? You can find Radio Nostalgia here. The last song played by Donald FM was Dire Straits’ “Money For Nothing”, before switching over to the normal adult contemporary station that currently occupies its airwaves. The science behind it is kind of confusing, but if you’re interested you can always check out the website – they explain it all! 98.7 Donald FM: “Making Radio Great Again”
When Tampa, Florida station WBRN-FM’s ratings were dropping, it abandoned its regular format to become Donald FM. Kind of like college radio for grown-up kids, but the kids in this case range from dental hygienists to bartenders to freelance comedy journalists. That format isn’t a misnomer: the station is dedicated to playing Latin-language alternative, including alt-rock, EDM, indie, hip-hop, and more. Many of the tracks were simply recording oddities – false starts on live albums, promotional snippets from demos, jingles from radio stations – but some genres (i.e. The station even did months of market research on tradespeople in the London area to nail their mix of up-tempo, well-known 80s, 90s, and 00s tunes to get everyone through the day. Every time a musician dies, their entire catalogue is added to the station’s playlist, and free press is generated as people freak out over the station’s format. Mostly featuring jazz, old school chart toppers, and European hits, Radio Nostalgia covers music anywhere from 1900 to 1958 – as long as it’s on a 78! There are experts whose sole jobs involve getting it right, and one of those includes Christopher Golub of Studio Orca. The station now runs under 96.9 The Cloud, but don’t let the name fool you – it has nothing to do with pot anymore. But sometimes stations don’t care about appealing to large groups of people and choose to target niche audiences instead. 15. Jose T. Sorry – the online stream is very well hidden from Western audiences, but whether that’s ISIS’ decision or the government’s is anybody’s guess. The station has only been in operation for a few years, but has already established itself as an avid non-commercial supporter of Latin music in LA. 2. The company specializes in brand-driven radio, and pairs with NASA through the American Space Act Agreement to help NASA spread their mandate. fluffertraX: “Playing the very best porn movie soundtrack music, from 70s bow chica wow-wow to now!”
If you need to add a little bit of spice to your life, and for some reason think porn soundtracks will take care of that, then fluffertraX is for you. It uses several languages and constantly-changing broadcast locations, plus authorities keep on shutting down its online live stream. Radio’s Rockdog – the world’s only radio show hosted by a dog
You just had music for dogs, but have you heard of a radio show hosted by a dog? That’s right, there’s a visual accompaniment for the feline freeform music the station champions. Broadcasting whenever DJs are around, you never really know what you’ll get until you tune in. Radio Dead: “They may be gone, but their music lives on”
It might seem a bit morbid at first, but the logic behind this British station that only plays tracks from deceased artists is bang on. 17. Their first song? You can find CRaTER Live here. Seriously. Just know this: using sounds like piano, strings, marimba, steel drums, classical guitar and more, the Cosmic Ray Telescope for the Effects of Radiation (hence CRaTER) produces some beautifully ethereal music. Al Bayan Radio – The Official Station of ISIS
Looking this one up will definitely put you on a list. Truth be told the mix is actually pretty good, and tapping new supporters in a hip way is exactly the modern revival that NASA is looking for. That’s right – one of NASA’s satellites has a contraption installed that analyzes cosmic rays, and selects which instrument tones to generate based on how much light is reaching it. And it’s not just a flash in the pan effort, either: the station has been broadcasting for well over 20 years, and reaches over 12 millions listeners from Argentina and across the entire globe! Well, you have now: England’s Kerrang! That’s right, if the song was 61 seconds, it wouldn’t show up! Chipotle Radio: “The beats that get your head bobbing while getting your burrito on”
Alright this is another one that isn’t technically a radio station, but considering how many people tune in it might as well be. Feeling a bit out of your mind lately? With weekly shows like Morning Meows,Wednesday Night Cat Attack, Thursday Night Purr Party, and the Friday Night Feline Frenzy, the station runs the gamut of genres from smooth jazz to heavy metal, funk to swing, and everything else cats are into. Well okay, they may do it sometimes to be contrarian, but it’s not a theme or anything. Third Rock Radio: “Rock Radio From Space”
Again, another one where the hook isn’t a dumb gimmick where every song is about space. Exclusively featuring songs related to money, the station’s website also became plastered in $100 bills, only showed news featuring Trump, and of course had Wall Street tickers all over the place. Songs, parodies, poetry, stories, recordings of barking and howling and all kinds of other pupper-themed content awaits you if you tune into any of the WooFDriver streaming channels: WooFCast (for dog rock tunes), In the WooFHouse (for live content), WooFStoria (for cinematic scores and tales), and so on. Feel like getting in trouble at work? You can find Radio Dead here (although you’ll either need to be in Europe, or trick the service into thinking you are). 14. CRaTER Live: “Galactic Cosmic Radio from the Moon”
This one’s a little different – instead of streaming radio, this particular station actually streams music live as it is composed from the moon’s orbit. There are some highlights that have been archived online. An online app that tapped into streaming service Rdio (now Pandora), One Minute Radio would only play songs that were a minute or under in length. DJs buy in to the system and get a crash course from broadcast technology from founder Sheri Barclay, who is more interested in developing the people passing through the station than building up the station itself. Want to try catch this kitty in a good mood? You could literally hear the satellite pass behind an eclipse, or when a solar storm sparks it up. There’s a dark side to the moon though – it seems the live stream isn’t as reliable anymore. You can find WooFDriver here. 5. Smokin’ 94.1: “4:20 News and Big Hits”
With marijuana legalization hitting Colorado, this was just inevitable. Love the crackle of surface noise? Playing mostly weed-themed classic rock, the station’s format was aimed firmly on Colorado’s budding regional cannabis culture. The playlist is updated constantly so your best bet is to go to a restaurant yourself, but you can find plenty of fan-made Chipotle playlists online. 13. Fix Radio: “We’re Nailing It!”
Based in London, England, Fix Radio is aimed at tradespeople working on job sites or in people’s homes during the day. Fix Radio also provides very detailed, up-to-date weather forecasts, so that any outdoor tradespeople around London can plan their work days accordingly. Originally broadcasting out of a disgusting old shipping container in Brooklyn (hence the name), KPISS.FM is a DIY co-op Internet radio station where subverting the radio norm is a daily routine. Programming music at a restaurant is a careful science: you need to consider how quickly you want people to be eating at certain times of day, how relaxed you want them to feel, what kind of cuisine they’re taking in, and so on. However, it looks like the station’s recent broadcasting has been spotty – just like cats themselves, Cat Galaxy can be a little finicky! Want to give DIY radio a shot? Don’t think too hard about it. No ads, no music, no announcers, no interruptions, just a microphone and thousands of birds doing their thing. That’s how we end up with some truly weird radio formats, including these oddball stations from around the world:

1. One Minute Radio: “Got a minute, listen to a song”
OK so this one isn’t actually a broadcasting station, but it very well could be! Featuring exactly what you’d expect – the tracks that obscure editors decide fit well with hot on-screen action – this particular radio station has the entire seedy underbelly of the film industry covered. The station’s playlist offers the stereotypical lullaby covers of pop tracks, but also mixes it up with jazzy renditions of nursery rhymes, sing-alongs from popular shows, and even some modern hits for mom and dad. Have musical ADD? Need your fix of the Don? Users simply picked a genre and the app would do the rest. 6. French actor and father of three Julien Bocher, the creator of the station, was sick of flipping through the same lullaby compilations CDs and decided to take matters into his own hands. 3. Brazilian Birds Radio: “A sound trip through the Brazilian nature”
There’s no fooling here, what you see (or rather hear) is what you get: this station broadcasts nothing but bird calls from the Brazilian rain forest, 24/7. The formats that fit most audiences seem run-of-the-mill, but that’s because they work: rock, hip-hop, top 40, that sort of thing.

BreakOut West Announces 2017 Western Canadian Music Award Nominees

BreakOut West Announces 2017 Western Canadian Music Award Nominees
Think of the annual awards as a mini JUNOs, but for Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, the Northwest Territories, and Yukon Territory. Factor Eight – “The Lion” (SK)
James Murdoch – “Fishcamp Soundtrack” (AB)
Jared Robinson – “Music is a Part of All Our Lives” (SK)
Matthew Schellenberg – “Lovesick” (MB)
Mitch Dorge – “The Advocate” (MB)

World Artist of the Year

Andino Suns (SK)
Casimiro Nhussi (MB)
Jocelyn Petit (BC)
Kelly Bado (MB)
Papa Mambo (MB)

Audio Engineering Award

Russell Broom – JP Maurice, Amy Metcalfe, Chixdiggit (AB)
Ryan Worsley – Said The Whale, Courage My Love, Derrival, Dear Rouge (BC)
Sheldon Zaharko – Plans & Disguises, Head, Ajaye Jardine (BC)
Spencer Cheyne – Jocelyn Alice, Ruben Young, Hello Moth, Al Muirhead (AB)
Steve Bays – The Zolas, We Are The City, Leeroy Stagger, Hot Hot Heat (BC)

Community Excellence Award

Fire Aid Organizing Committee – Fort McMurray Benefit Concert (BC)
Sunshine House (MB)
The Dungarees (AB)
The Exchange (SK)
West End Cultural Centre (MB)
Winnipeg Folk Festival (MB)

Excellence in Visual Design

Adin Wridgway – tune silo records (BC)
Bronwin Parks – Feisty Creative (BC)
Jared Robinson – Nebulus Entertainment (SK)
Matt Schuurman (AB)
Renée Mak (BC)

Impact in Artist Development

BOP Management & Consulting (AB)
Paquin Artist Agency (MB)
Prairie Mix (MB)
Sakamoto Agency (AB)
Tonic Records (BC)

Impact in Live Music

Festival du Voyageur (MB)
Rawk Entertainment Group Inc. Names you might recognize amongst the nominees include The Pack A.D., Dan Mangan, The Zolas, and many more. The festival also includes an industry conference, aimed at developing the spread of music through – and from – western Canada. BreakOut West and the Western Canadian Music Awards were created by the Western Canada Music Alliance, a collaboration between provincial music authorities. Canada’s a pretty big country, and getting music across the provinces – like, from one physical location to the other – can be quite a challenge. You can check out the Western Canadian Music Award nominees below, or visit the website for more information. This year’s awards festival, in its 15th year, will be held from September 13-17 in Edmonton, AB. 2017 Western Canadian Music Awards Nominees:
Blues Artist of the Year

Big Dave McLean (MB)
Harpdog Brown (BC)
James Buddy Rogers (BC)
Kenny ‘Blues Boss” Wayne (BC)
Ryan McNally (YT)
Steve Kozak Band (BC)

BreakOut Artist of the Year, presented by CKUA Radio Network

Andy Shauf (SK)
Begonia (MB)
Dan Davidson (AB)
The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer (BC)
William Prince (MB)

Children’s Artist of the Year

Ginalina (BC)
Madame Diva et Micah le Jeune Voyageur (MB)
Stella Swanson and the Rosie Joyfuls (BC)
The Oot n’ Oots (BC)
Will Stroet (BC)

Classical Artist/Ensemble of the Year, presented by Canadian Music Centre

Alan Rinehart (BC)
Daniel Janke (YT)
duo corvi (BC)
Standing Wave (BC)
Vancouver Intercultural Orchestra & Laudate Singers (BC)

Classical Composition of the Year

“Magnetic North” – Carmen Braden (NT)
“Pots ‘n Pans Falling” – Edward Top (BC)
“Immersion” – Jordan Nobles (BC)
“Raven Tales” – Marcus Goddard (BC)
“Choir Practice, A Comic Opera in One Act” – Stephen Chatman (BC)

Country Artist of the Year, presented by Dauphin’s Countryfest

Aaron Pritchett (BC)
Dan Davidson (AB)
Doc Walker (MB)
Madeline Merlo (BC)
The Washboard Union (BC)

Electronic/Dance Artist of the Year

Esette (AB)
I M U R (BC)
iskwé (BC)
Kytami (BC)

Francophone Artist of the Year

Alpha Toshineza (MB)
Ariane Mahrÿke Lemire (AB)
Kelly Bado (MB)
Ponteix (SK)
Shawn Jobin (SK)

Indigenous Artist of the Year, presented by Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN)

Blue Moon Marquee (AB)
Cindy Paul (AB)
Indian City (MB)
Jade Turner (MB)
Jay Gilday (AB)

Instrumental Artist of the Year

Adam Dobres (BC)
Five Alarm Funk (BC)
Fond of Tigers (AB)
Kent Sangster’s Obsessions Octet (AB)
The Fretless (BC)

Jazz Artist of the Year

Al Muirhead (AB)
Michael Kaeshammer (BC)
Quatuor André Lachance (BC)
Quinn Bachand’s Brishen (BC)
Steve Kirby’s Oceanic Jazz Orchestra (MB)

Metal/Hard Music Artist of the Year

All Else Fails (AB)
Black Thunder (SK)
Soul Mates (SK)
Striker (AB)
Untimely Demise (SK)

Pop Artist of the Year

Andy Shauf (SK)
Dear Rouge (BC)
Jocelyn Alice (AB)
Ruth B (AB)
The Zolas (BC)

Producer of the Year, presented by Nimbus School of Recording & Media

Andy Shauf – Andy Shauf ‘The Party’ (SK)
Clayton Bellamy – The Dungarees (AB)
Jesse Gander – The Pack AD ‘Positive Thinking’ (BC)
Jesse Zubot – Tanya Tagaq/Fond of Tigers (BC)
Russell Broom – Rebecca Lappa/David Bradford/JP Maurice/The Static Shift (AB

Rap/Hip Hop Artist of the Year

Factor Chandelier (SK)
Merkules (BC)
Snak The Ripper (BC)
The Lytics (MB)

Recording of the Year

Andy Shauf – The Party (SK)
Big Little Lions – Just Keep Moving (BC)
Dear Rouge – Black to Gold (BC)
Scenic Route to Alaska – Long Walk Home (AB)
The Zolas – Swooner (BC)

Rock Artist of the Year, presented by Radio Starmaker Fund

Dan Mangan (BC)
Mobina Galore (MB)
Scenic Route to Alaska (AB)
The Matinée (BC)
The Pack AD (BC)

Roots Duo/Group of the Year

100 Mile House (AB)
Big Little Lions (BC)
Kacy & Clayton (SK)
Karrnnel Sawitsky & Daniel Koulack (SK/MB)
The Bills (BC)

Roots Solo Artist of the Year

Corb Lund (AB)
Jen Lane (SK)
Joe Nolan (AB)
Maria Dunn (AB)
Sarah Jane Scouten (BC)

Songwriter(s) of the Year, presented by The Society of Composers, Authors, and Music Publishers

Andy Shauf – “The Magician” (SK)
Corb Lund – “Washed-Up Rock Start Factory Blues” (AB)
Sam Tudor – “Joseph In The Bathroom” (BC)
The Zolas – “Swooner” (BC)
Alexa Dirks (Begonia) & Matt Schellenberg – “Juniper” (MB)

Spiritual Artist of the Year

Heritage Hill (BC)
Jaylene Johnson (MB)
Jon Bauer (AB)
Steve Bell (MB)
Warren Dean Flandez (BC)

Urban Artist of the Year

Damian La Grange (AB)
DGS Samurai Champs (SK)
Nuela Charles (AB)
Sophia Danai (BC)

Video Director of the Year

Alek Rzeszowski – Yes We Mystic “No Harm” (MB)
Anthony Creech – Andino Suns “Aire Libre” (SK)
Brandon Fletcher – Nuela Charles “Crumbling Down” (BC)
Dylan Roberts – King Dylan “Untouchable” (AB)
Zach Wilson – The Dead South “In Hell I’ll Be In Good Company” (SK)

Visual Media Composer of the Year, presented by Green Sky Labs Inc. The Western Canadian Music Awards are a prime example: championing the successes of groups from the best coast, their 2017 Award nominees were just announced. (SK)
West End Cultural Centre (MB)
UP & Downtown Music Festival (AB)
Winnipeg Folk Festival (MB)

Impact in Music Marketing

Eric Burke – Le 100 NONS (MB)
Kevin Mozdzen – The Park Theatre (MB)
Live Nation Canada (BC)
Pipe & Hat Music Group (MB)
Susan Busse – Susan Busse PR (SK) It’s not uncommon for artists to stay localized as they grow, and thankfully the Canadian music industry often focuses on developing regional talent.

Want To Celebrate National Concert Day on May 1st? Get A Concert Ticket for 20 Bucks

Seems like there’s a National _______ Day for everything, right? Thankfully there’s a decent number of them, but to save you from squinting through the results, below is a full list of the $20 shows hitting major Canadian markets. Most of the included gigs are in the States! (And just so we’re clear, the tickets must be bought during that period, but the shows are all over the summer months.) The Kickoff to Summer’s promotional website shows some of the big names participating: Boston, Depeche Mode, Kings of Leon, Muse, The Offspring, Young the Giant, and many more are included. Toronto

Idina Menzel
Jean-Michel Jarre
John Legend
Lady Antebellum
Lionel Richie
Matchbox Twenty
New Kids On the Block
Rise Against
Serena Ryder


Bob Dylan
Hurray for the Riff Raff
Lionel Richie
Matchbox Twenty
Miranda Lambert
Perfume Genius
Queen + Adam Lambert
Rancid & Dropkick Murphys


Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals
Bob Dylan
Dean Brody
Duran Duran
Lionel Richie
Matchbox Twenty
Miranda Lambert
Queen + Adam Lambert


Dean Brody
Miranda Lambert
One Republic


Dean Brody
OneRepublic Maybe this is the perfect opportunity to plan an American road trip? But there is a slight complication, though. If you navigate to the participating shows document hidden in the fine print you can search for Canadian Live Nation shows that are also included in the promotion. If we missed your town you can always search the document yourself, but just a heads up – there are no participating concerts listed for Montreal, Ottawa, Hamilton, or major Maritime cities. Well here’s one music fans can really get behind. National Concert Day is May 1st, and Live Nation is marking the occasion with a million cheap concert tickets. For real: over 50 tours and 1000 shows will have discounted tickets available for purchase between May 2 – 9 for $20, so start planning your summer gigs early!
Want To Celebrate National Concert Day on May 1st? Get A Concert Ticket for 20 Bucks

Music Technology Meetup Partners with the TAVES Consumer Electronics Show

The show presents an unrivaled opportunity for all companies – from major brands to crowd-funded startups – to launch prototypes, new products and beta software to a wide range of mainstream and specialist media outlets.”
For more information about the show, please head to Taveshow.com I am very excited to announce that the Music Tech MeetUp has partnered with the  TAVES Consumer Electronics Show! We will be working closely with the TAVES team to bring you an exciting and action packed show in October. This world-class exposition attracts companies from around the globe and showcases cutting edge technology and innovation spanning a broad range of categories, including robotics, wearables, smart devices, video gaming hardware & software, home & personal HiFi, home theatre, 3D printing, drones, remote control toys, digital imaging products, electronic gadgets as well as electric car / bike technology. If you don’t already know about TAVES:
“The TAVES Consumer Electronics Show is North America’s ultimate technology showcase, connecting trade professionals, media and consumers.
Music Technology Meetup Partners with the TAVES Consumer Electronics Show

Okay, This is Weird: Macaulay Culkin Plays a Crucified Kurt Cobain

Okay, This is Weird: Macaulay Culkin Plays a Crucified Kurt Cobain
Please enjoy. Let’s summarize what we have in this new video for “Total Entertainment Forever” by Father John Misty:

Bill Clinton
Jon Arbuckle (Garfield’s human)
George Washington on Viagra
A Kuato-like Ronald McDonald
A crucified Kurt Cobain played by Macaulay Culkin, the same guy who was the kid in Home Alone.

Let’s See How Well Google Translate Handles Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”

Let’s See How Well Google Translate Handles Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”
(Via Brad, who found this hysterical after staying up for more than 24 hours.) Then translate those results back into English. Here’s an experiment: Take any song and use Google Translate on all the lines in random languages. Here’s what can happen to Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” I wonder what Wayne and Garth would think?

It Was About Fifty Years Ago Today That Sgt. Pepper Tried to Teach the Band to Play This

It Was About Fifty Years Ago Today That Sgt. Pepper Tried to Teach the Band to Play This
Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, the dividing line between the rock’n’roll of the 50s and 60s and the rock that was to come. Listen right to the end to hear a speech by Paul that was ultimately discarded. French horns and other effects would be added on March 3 with the finishing touches of the orchestra tuning up included on March 6. If we rewind back a little further to February 1-2, 1967, we’d find the band working with George Martin in studio 2 of Abbey Road. Come May 29, many of the outtakes from those weeks in the studio will be included on a special reissue of the album. June 1 will be the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ Sgt. Virtually every scrap of tape used during those sessions was saved. Here’s an example.  
  This is take 9–the final attempt–of the rhythm section and guitars for the track. Click on the image to get started.

Watch Dave Grohl’s Mom Embarrass her Son on Colbert

Watch Dave Grohl’s Mom Embarrass her Son on Colbert
  And it’s been going very well. Ginny Grohl is on a promotional tour for her new book CFrom Cradle to Stage: Stories from the Mothers Who Rocked and Raised Rock Stars, escorted by son Dave. Learn more about the book here. Mostly.

Let’s Play Facebook’s 10-Concerts-One-Is-A-Lie Game

For reasons that baffle everyone, Facebook blew up this week with a game where people offer a list of ten artists that they claim to have seen live. Nine are true, but one is a lie. Some people really seem to like this game, but others (cf. Kate Bush
Tracy Chapman
New Order
Blind Melon
Joan Baez
Kenny Rogers
Bob Dylan
Pink Floyd

Best of luck. here and here) think it’s insane. Here’s my ten. Okay, I’ll bite. Which one have I never seen in concert?
Let’s Play Facebook’s 10-Concerts-One-Is-A-Lie Game

Random Music News for Friday, April 28, 2017

Goth ice cream? Recommended reading: The first book dedicated totally to Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth. Meanwhile, Facebook is getting into the business of selling tickets. World leaders re-imagined as hipsters. Yes, there will be a Gorillaz TV series. Is this more evidence that it will eventually disappear? Well, that’s one way to ask for someone to turn a lost iPod…
Peter Murphy is suffering from some serious vocal cord issues. The answer here. (Via Michael) What does Apple have planned for iTunes in the future? Great story on how the Beatles helped “Twist and Shout” conquer the world. I’d give this Oxford Street busker a quid or two, just for his sheer confidence. Fifty years ago today, Muhammed Ali refused induction into the US Army. Looks delicious. Good trivia question: Can you name the four acts who had Top 40 hits in the 80s, 90s, 00s and 10s? He was stripped of his championship and his boxing license during the prime of his career. Fact-checking the script for the proposed Madonna biopic. And now, the music news for April 28. A new film alleges that Whitney Houston was bisexual. This 92-year-old says going to raves keeps him young. The time is ripe for the return of cultural tricksters, The KLF.
Random Music News for Friday, April 28, 2017

Osheaga’s Day-by-Day 2017 Schedule Announced

Filling out the schedule we’ve got Major Lazer, Solange, Cage The Elephant, Father John Misty, Liam Gallagher, Broken Social Scene, George Ezra, Arkells, Plants and Animals, PUP, Daniel Caesar, River Tiber, and a whole lot more. Finally, Sunday’s closeout on August 6 is completed by The Weeknd. Osheaga’s full lineup was announced early last month, but now it’s time for some detailed planning – the daily schedule has arrived! For more information on the festival’s daily schedule, be sure to check out Osheaga’s website. Some other groups include Alabama Shakes, Vance Joy, Foster The People, Die Antwoord, Run The Jewels, Crystal Castles, Tegan and Sara, Death From Above 1979, Phantogram, Bishop Briggs, and many more. But, now we actually know who will be playing when:
The Friday night, August 4, will be ruled by Lorde. Saturday’s festivities on August 5 are billed with Muse at the top. Full general admission passes run for $320, but now that the schedule is out you can also pick up a daily pass for $120 instead. You can also purchase tickets there, which are available now. Muse, Lorde, and The Weeknd are the headliners for this year’s rendition, taking place from August 4-6 in Montreal’s Parc Jean-Drapeau. Other acts that same day include Justice, MGMT, Milky Chance, Belle and Sebastian, Zeds Dead, Glass Animals, Car Seat Headrest, BADBADNOTGOOD, and several others.
Osheaga’s Day-by-Day 2017 Schedule Announced

Burlington’s Sound of Music Announces Free 2017 Father’s Day Weekend Lineup

Tickets are now available, but if you’d rather earn your way in Sound of Music is still recruiting for 2017 volunteers. You can also expect to see Marianas Trench, Spin Doctors, Smash Mouth, and even Randy and Mr. Another free event is planned in celebration of Canada 150 on June 11, too! Keep an eye out for more about that day to be released on June 1. A few more acts were added to the Kick-Off concert on top of The Offspring and LIVE. Some big names will be taking over the Burlington Waterfront from June 15 – 18 for the Father’s Day festivities. USS, Finger Eleven, The Trews, Wintersleep, Steven Page, Terra Lightfoot, and illScarlett are just some of the acts that will be playing over that weekend. For more information on the festival’s lineup, be sure to check the full schedule (or at least what’s currently available) on the website. And if you hadn’t heard, more of Sound of Music’s overall lineup has been announced in the meantime, too. Lahey from Trailer Park Boys at the show. The Burlington event announced The Offspring and LIVE as their Kick-Off concert headliners last month, and have now released the bands performing in the free Father’s Day weekend concerts. Sound of Music festival is back with more news!
Burlington’s Sound of Music Announces Free 2017 Father’s Day Weekend Lineup